About Dalicious


Less is more, that certainly applies to Dalicious. And we are proud of this.

Dalicious is a natural and pure snack that makes all the difference; it nourishes mind and body. You see that and you taste it!

Less is more. Each Dalicious treat is 15 grams and prepared with only 4 ingredients. But then made from high-quality and nutritious vegetable ingredients; organic, pure, tasteful. That makes Dalicious ‘more with less’. It is naturally gluten-free, organic, clean label-0% additives and vegan.

Dalicious fits into the conscious and active lifestyle and is the snack for everyone who wants to experience the ‘mmm…yummy!’ feeling.

And a treat also includes packaging that makes you happy. This also makes Dalicious a nice gift, for yourself and your loved ones.

Enjoy Dalicious!



our 4 plant based ingredients, 0 additives are unique characteristics for Dalicious; it is Clean label indulgence.

Eating delicious food makes you happy. Fresh food nourishes our mind and body, that’s for sure. Then it is obvious to us that we use the tastiest and best ingredients from Mother nature; organic, plant based, unprocessed and nutritious. Dates, sunflower seeds and 2 spices per flavor. To give you pure happiness.

Flavors, texture and portion size are unique features for Dalicious; it’s a treat!

It was clear that taste and texture had to be leading in this. We make no concessions. The 4 pure ingredients of high quality together provide a true taste sensation. Our dates provide a caramel-like taste, the sunflower seeds and raw cocoa nibs give the bite and the combination of spices an intense and elegant taste.

Portion size is unique to Dalicious.

Big enough to make you stop and enjoy with or without your favorite coffee or tea. And because of it’s nutritious ingredients, a Dalicious treat contains enough energy to get you through the 16.00 dip or to give you a boost during activities.

Mia. My source of inspiration for Dalicious.

In 2013, I made a snack for my sweet daughter Mia. I used a mixture of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and spices as a tasty and nutritious alternative to the unhealthy snacks she was given at the daycare. It was this snack that has been the source of inspiration for Dalicious years later.